KidZania Dallas

Frisco, TX

Where are we going?

KidZania Dallas
2601 Preston Rd. Suite 3011

(469) 731-3900

What is there to do?

Imagine a whole city scaled down to ¾’s its size where kids are in charge. They explore what the city has to offer, taking on real-life roles and professions such as a surgeon, a pilot, a veterinarian, a banker, and many more. Kids earn money in local currency (kidZos), which they get to spend on experiences and souvenirs, invest or donate to a cause. KidZania runs on kid power – and that means the city lights up when children run down its paved streets with vehicles and choose from over 100 different occupations to role-play. Every activity is ultra-realistic, and the equipment is either real-life functioning (like the fuselage of a real Boeing at the entrance area), or extremely authentically-looking. What brings even more realism to the experience is the fact that most of the professions are represented by real-life brands, the leaders of each respective industry. That way, kids can take on the role of a genuine American Airlines pilot, a Chase bank teller, host a Spotify podcast, or play the drums at the Columbia Records Music Studio. Fun and learning collide at KidZania in a thrilling journey into the world where kids are empowered to make their own choices – from electing a career path to deciding what to spend their money on, or maybe save it until next trip to KidZania and get a memorable souvenir or a toy at the KidZania Department Store. A child can even become a citizen of KidZania and get a real passport with a picture and a visa stamped by KidZania Dallas. The passport is valid in all other 28 global KidZania locations.There is a lot to explore at KidZania – there are exciting physical activities like a challenging Ropes Course where children role-play construction workers, or a Climbing Wall. Window-washing has never been more fun – and it’s a pretty well-paid career at KidZania! 

An average visit to the city built for kids, run by kids lasts about 4 hours, and you can only fit in 6-8 activities, which means your kids will want to return to KidZania and try out more careers and fun activities. And of course, KidZania will be there, happily welcoming you back.

How much does it cost?

Children: $39.95

Discount: No Discounts

Free Under: 3

Need a little extra help?

Completely accessible and accommodating to people with any restrictions.


Any top tips?

Arrive in advance to get through the security check at the airport entrance area. Designated Toddler Area temporarily closed for your safety. Best enjoyed by kids aged 6-12. Recycling available and encouraged.

I’m Hungry!

On-site Pie Five Pizza restaurant, 7-Eleven Convenience Store, food carts

Healthy Eating

Wide range of salads and healthy options at Pie Five - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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