Our Tips for the Perfect Family Road Trip!

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Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Family Road Trip By Family Days Out Contributor Ann Hawkins

Are you planning for a road trip with your family anytime soon? Well, if you’ve it in your mind, you need to pull out a backpack, stock up all the essentials in your car, maintain your car, pile up some maps and proper accessories, and head out. Not just the necessities but you also need to carry stuff that will help you and your family to be entertained.

Here, we have rounded up 10 tips that you must keep in mind if you want to relish your road trip with family in full swing.

1. Learn from your past experiences

You may have planned several holidays with your family in the past. Try to remember and learn about what went wrong in your prior trips, and plan accordingly this time. It is always advisable to write down all the good and the bad about your experience in a journal. It will help you to be more conscious the next time.

2. Plan well

It is equally important to plan things keeping everybody’s interest in mind. Sit down with the kids or any other family members, and devise a plan. Know everybody’s opinions, like which activity or adventure sport they would like to pursue, and figure out the places to visit thereof. Remember, it’s a family for a whole bunch of people, so you don’t have to choose places which become boring for others.

3. Stuff up a backpack

It is highly recommended to carry a backpack with you especially for a child if there is any. They can create chaos if they get bored. So, you can talk to them and keep all their favorite games and snacks. This is certainly going to help you a lot! Not only this is going to keep your child calm, but it is also going to avoid any unnecessary costs involved in buying the food. Also, don’t forget to keep lots and lots of water. You can stack up all the goods on the roof rack on top of your car.

4. Keep all the gadgets

When you’re planning a road trip, you need a lot of gadgets to help you throughout the way. Keep all your essentials like mobile phones, iPods, DVD players to keep you entertained. It is equally important that they are all juiced up with power. There can be nothing worse than your phone dying out of battery when you’re using GPS on it. If you’re traveling with your partner on your motorbike, ensure that all the motorbike accessories and gadgets are up to date. You can always keep a portable charger, just in case!

5. Interact with your family:

You simply don’t have to sit in your car and drive. It is very significant to bond up with your family. Interact- a lot! Try to understand and know each other deeply. Know about what’s been up with them, what’s going around in their mind, and how are they liking the trip. Share your past experiences, so that you can grow and learn together.

6. Take breaks in between

Constantly being packed in a car for several hours gets irritating. The best way to get rid of this is to stop often in the midways. It will help you to keep refreshed and also retain the excitement which may otherwise lack.

It’s best to stop at places where you can just sit back and relax for some time, like some park, beach, or any other picnic spot. You can simply clean yourself up or grab some snacks during these breaks.

7. Switch while driving

It is not easy for a single person to drive all along the way. The best way is to pre-decide the driving role. You can always plan the number of hours one person is going to drive or navigate, and look after the kids. This way, the monotony, as well as the role of driving, will be shared by all, thus avoiding fatigue.

8. Don’t forget to take some naps

Kids can nap anytime, anywhere. So napping in the car is not that bad of an idea. And not just for kids, but it can work for you too. Too tired? Sleeping for a couple of minutes won’t do much harm. It is a great idea for kids because other than helping them to stay active, it can also help to eat up their time. Isn’t it great for you too?

9. Keep the medicines with you

Can something more terrible happen, if you or your kids fall sick? You never know what may happen. You should always stock up on some items like a few towels, wipes, and some common medicines, in case something goes wrong.

10. Enjoy every moment

Last but not the least, live every moment with your family. You may not get an opportunity to enjoy such an amazing getaway from your routine life daily. So, make the most of this one. Make every memory count and click lots and lots of pictures. Keep a track of everything during your trip by writing it down in a journal.

What are you waiting for? Plan a road trip with your family now.

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