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Family Days Out visit Sombrero Ranches, Colorado!

Family Days Out visit Sombrero Ranches, Colorado!
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Saddle up kids, it’s time to channel your inner cowboy and cowgirl with Sombrero Ranches!

Yee haw!

Family Days Out was lucky enough to spend a day at this amazing ranch where you can enjoy a beautiful horseback ride, and also explore some of the most beautiful scenery in the country!

The ranch and adorable horses can be found in Estes Park, in the foothills to the Rocky Mountain National Park. It's also right near the famous Stanley Hotel - which is where Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining! (You can read all about that HERE!)

The tours take you out to explore 100 acres of private trails, and it’s super fun to imagine how life was life for those pioneers all those years ago! Estes Park and this part of Colorado felt so unchanged, so raw, and just the expanse of nature out in front of you was breathtaking.

When we first arrived, the super friendly staff who are lucky enough to live and work here, were great and so attentive. They know the horses like the back of their hand, so can easily assess what horse you need based on your experience.

Very quickly you learn the names, and their personalities too!

Once on your horse, you get a little saddle bag for your belongings, and then head out on the trails.

Following your guide, you make your way at walking speed through thick forested slopes, past pristine mountain streams, and of course all in view of those stunning Rockies.

Sombrero Ranches have horses perfect for those little ones too too (kids as young as 2 years old can double up with parents) so it really can be a family adventure.

As you ride, the scenery just gets better and better. Along the way we kept out eyes peeled for the many species of wildlife in the area. There is a chance to spot coyotes, bobcats, elk and chipmunks. We spotted a couple of resting deer, and they were just adorable. 

There are a number of rides you can select at Sombrero Ranches, but we chose the 2 hour ride. The 1 hour is perfect for smaller kids, or if you want a taster. Our two hour ride took us up to a higher altitude (where the sun was so strong!), where the views were amazing. 

We were one week too early for the true cowboy experience of breakfast and steak fry rides! These cowboy cook-ups are super popular, and well worth considering for an unforgettable experience. 

What’s great about Sombrero Ranches is that the staff are so friendly and helpful, and can’t wait to give you that amazing experience. They are there with you the whole time if you have any questions, and you will never go faster than a walk so you can really enjoy the scenery, and feel comfortable with the whole experience.

Highly recommended for any family, giving kids an experience they will never forget! For information on the ranches, tours, and experience, check out our LISTING!

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