It's Lincoln's Birthday!

Lincoln Memorial off center Washington DC
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What does February 12th mean to you? Could it be the birthday of one of the most influential Presidents the USA has ever seen?

Yes - it could! Back in 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born in Hogdensville, Kentucky- and yes, he really was born in a log cabin.

Today, only 4 states celebrate this day as a legal public holiday. These are Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri and New York.

(For the rest of you, don't worry - you share this celebration with George Washington's birthday or part of Presidents Day!)

But why is this?

Well, initially the North-South divide was a factor, as well as the proximity to George Washingtons birthday - people didn't want Washington's place in history to be depreciated with another celebration so close.

However, Lincoln was an important part of US history, and if you want to celebrate this momentous day with the family - here's how you can do it!

1. Visit His Birthplace

Whilst the original log cabin that Lincoln was born in was destroyed even before his death, families can still visit the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Historic Site

It's a FREE admission attraction, and a beautiful location for the family with it set in rural Kentucky. There's an original spring where the Lincoln family used to get their water from, as well as a replica log cabin.

An important part of US history, that could also inspire kids that no matter where you are from, you can achieve great things!

2. Explore His Personal Artifacts

If you're in Tennessee, the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum must be on the cards for any history loving family.

Set on the Lincoln Memorial University Campus, this fascinating museum houses an incredible collection of Lincoln artifacts, as well as Civil War era items.

You can see a lock of Lincoln's hair, or his family's personal tea set. You can even see his walking cane!

Along with original Civil War era sheet music, pamplets, and art work, it's a great day out to really get to know the real man behind the legacy.

3. Visit His Childhood Home

Whilst Lincoln was born in Kentucky, he grew up up in Southern Indiana, and for your next stop on your Lincoln's Birthday, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorialis waiting.

Many of Lincoln's character traits were developed here. It's here the boy from Kentucky became a man, a leader, and an icon.

The main attraction here is a re-creation of a typical 1820s homestead, located on four of the original 160 acres that were once owned by Thomas Lincoln.

You can see the Memorial Building that memorializes Lincoln, as well as a bronze casting of sill logs and fireplace hearthstones that represent the cabin that started it all.

With hiking trails and historic walks, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is where kids can learn about history - right in the spot that it all happened!

4. Lincoln Memorial

One of the most visited memorials in Washington DC, Lincoln Memorial is certainly one to visit with the kids.

With FREE admission, the memorial is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is located on the stunning Reflecting Pool - and is also the exact spot that Martin Luther King Jr made his iconic "I Have A Dream" speech.

It's a beautiful tribute to the man himself, with his 19ft statue surrounded but 36 columns - each representing a state of the union at the time of his death.

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