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Hawaiian Falls North Garland

Garland, TX

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Address: 4640 N Garland Ave, Garland, TX 75040, USA Number: 888 544-7550 Website Contact How do we get there?

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SPLASH! That could be the sound of happy kids taking on the Waikiki Wipeout. OR is could be those friends racing each other on the Pineapple Express. Either way - it sounds like it's all coming from Hawaiian Falls Garland

Hawaiian Falls Garland is a fun and family friendly water park in Texas which will sure keep you cool over the summer!

There are so many water rides and attractions, that you will be hard pressed to decide what to keep going on again...and again...and again...because they will all be SO much fun!

How about just enjoying the day on the beach? Waikiki Beach that is! Surf's up with this 16,000 square foot wave pool. Or perhaps you want to relax on Kona Kooler, the lazy river with waves and waterfalls to keep you cool.

WIPEOUT! For those a little more brave there are a number of very cool slides and attractions that will challenge even the bravest! The Hawaiian Halfpipe lets you grab a friend and live on the edge and you go back and forth just like skateboarders do - only it's you on a raft!

The Pipeline lets you twist and turn down a half and half enclosed inner tube, and watch out for the launch of The Torpedo - it's sudden! 

We won't tell you about The Rush...because that one needs to be a surprise for you!

Hawaiian Falls Garland is a very COOL place for very COOL families who want to spend somewhere water filled on those hot Texas days.

Get those swimmers and those hats and let's jump in! SPLASH!

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From $29.99 daily admission



From $20.99 daily admission (Under 48")



Season passes available


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If you LOVE Hawaiian Falls then check out membership - it gets you entry into 7 Hawaiian Falls water parks and lots of other perks!

Any top tips?


If you have a birthday party coming up, they have all inclusive packages that will fit into any budget so why not celebrate in water style!

I'm Hungry!


Sharkey's Cafe is great for food! Brisket, burgers, hot dogs, pizza...yum! Keep those tummies filled. They also have Texas Grills Thursday to Sunday (sometimes varies)

Healthy Eating You are more than welcome to bring snacks! No cooked or pre-catered foods like pizza delivery, and coolers have a $10 fee, but you can keep it healthy!

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Where is it at?


Hawaiian Falls North Garland - Garland is located at the intersection of Spring Creek Way and North Garland Ave. in the 129 acre Cecil Winters Park, Garland, Texas. We are one mile south of the George Bush Tollway (190) and North Garland Ave.

Teachers corner


There are discounts for groups so what a great place for students to come! It's a great day out of the classroom

Can I get one of those?


Their gift shop is perfect for all things swimming, from lockers, ice cream, toys, sun screen...

Need a little extra help?


If you have concerns or questions about any special needs you have, just call ahead of time to ask

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When can we go?

Hours vary on the day and month

May to September

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