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Waterparks in Louisiana

That great southern hospitality is waiting to welcome your family to your family day out! Louisiana is a magical state, filled with incredible wildlife, amazing scenery and a super fun great outdoors to play in. There is a rich history which kids can learn about in a host of museums across the state. There are exciting tours to embark on that can show you all the kids fun to be had. There are so many things to do with kids that will really show them what makes this state special.

Louisiana is the Pelican State after all, so it makes sense there are a host of fun water attractions that you can enjoy to make a SPLASH on your next family day out!

With Baton Rouge as the capital, it's a great place to start! You can play in 80 acres of water fun at Blue Bayou, or cool down in the Louisiana heat with elevated slides and lazy rivers at Liberty Lagoon.

Head to Shreveport and you can test your bravery on the thrill rides and slides at Splash Kingdom, where sports and wave pools feature too!

Louisiana has everything from the BIG water parks, to the municipal ones such as Sulphur Parks Water Park and SPAR water park. There are even some that pop up in your local area such as Ormond Spray Park, for that gentle water play for little ones.

So kids, are you ready for a COOL summer in Louisiana? Get that swimwear ready - it's SPLASH time!

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The Pelican State

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