Have A Great Family Day Out In New Orleans!

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Can you hear that music? You must be in New Orleans! This vibrant Louisiana city has a life of it’s own, and is unlike any other place you will visit in the whole of the USA.

There’s a rich history to learn about, delicious food to taste, and a pretty incredible culture to explore!

Did we also say it’s pretty amazing for kids? Well…it is!

  • New Orleans is a place where you can have experienced for the first time. Have you ever been shrunk to the size of a bug before? No? Then head on over to Audubon Insectarium which is all about those creepy little critters. 
  • You’ve probably seen them in the history books, but have you ever taken a trip out on those really awesome paddle wheelers? No? Then just head on out on the Big Easy Paddlewheeler Tour where you can cruise on down that Mighty Mississippi River and enjoy the city from a whole new angle. It’s also a great way for kids to learn about that amazing city history - without them realizing!
  • Have little kids but want them to experience the Mardi Gras for the first time? They don’t need to actually participate, because you can just take them to the Mardi Gras World instead! It’s also a great education with 300 years of Mardi Gras history to learn about!
  • Have you ever played in a park that was over 150 years old? Then make sure you make a trip to Carousel Gardens which gives you 1300 acres to play, climb, explore and imagine in. It’s also one of the largest urban parks in the entire country - those active kids will love it!
  • You’re in New Orleans - and you can’t experience this city without visiting one of the landscapes that make it truly special - the swamps! Ever been to a swamp? See - a city of firsts! Cajun Critters Swamp Tours introduces the whole family to the beauty and wildlife of these Louisiana swamps and bayous. Don’t forget to bring a camera - you might just see something moving in the waters! 

Whether you are from New Orleans or just visiting, it’s a city that every child should experience at some point of another. It’s oozing culture, >

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