Fossil Country Frontier Museum

Kemmerer, WY

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Address: 418 Pine Ave, Kemmerer, WY 83101, USA Number: 307-877-6551 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Ever seen a two-bodied lamb?  Sounds weird, we know...but you can!

The Fossil Country Frontier Museum is a way for you to learn all about the history of southwestern Wyoming, and all the great things that make up its past!

So let's step back in time!  You can take a tour around an early 1900s period dining room - how different is their furniture and home different to yours today?  Can you imagine eating here with your family?  Ever wanted to see what a real dinosaur footprint looks like...can you guess what type of dinosaur made it?  Here's a hint - it has the word "saur" in the name!

You can even have a look at a replica of a coal mine and all the equipment.  Just imagine yourself down there for a minute working in the dark... it's not very nice!  It would have been long hours and very dark (and no facebook!)

The museum hold fun family favorite annual events, like the History Festival in March, fun and atmospheric Campfire Chats during summer, and a festive Christmas program!

They also have great seasonal events such as the Haunted Mansion Tour which is always a favorite (and a bit spooky if we do say so ourselves!) and Pumpkin Patch in Fall, and we can't forget breakfast with the Easter Bunny!  (Make sure if the bunny is made of chocolate you don't eat him...otherwise the other kids won't get to meet him!)

Look back into history!

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Where is it at?


Get on over to 418 Pine Ave in Kemmerer to begin your fun history experience!

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It's a great opportunity for kids to come and learn about history, and for local kids to learn about THEIR history.

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There are multilingual materials available should you need some! They are also ADA compliant.

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When can we go?

Winter: Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm / Summer: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

All year round

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