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Museums in Montana

Montana is a truly special state. It's how America used to be. This true Wild West state has unspoilt wilderness and fascinating wildlife. A true frontier state! There is a wild outdoors unlike any other, and a great history which kids can learn about, and that includes dinosaurs! With battlefield sites, western experiences and stunning landscapes with mountains and lakes, this Treasure State has plenty of places to visit with kids, and adults alike!

Learning is a fascinating experience, and there are so many great museums in Montana that kids will get so much out of, it makes sense to visit some on your next family day out!

How about learning the history of Yellowstone at the Yellowstone Gateway Museum, where artifacts and exhibits showcase the Old West history.

Kids can experience life in the 1900s at the Prairie County Museum, and visit the largest museum in the state with the Miracle of America Museum, spanning nearly 5 acres!

Love dinosaurs? Montana has you covered! Attractions such as the Carter County Museum, Makoshika Dinosaur Museum and of course the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum offer incredible fossils and exhibits for those Jurassic loving kids. 

Montana also has some great museums JUST for kids, including the Children's Museum Missoula, where they can learn as they play!

Learning IS fun, and these museums are there to show you exactly why!

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