Lagoon Park

Farmington, UT

Where are we going?

Lagoon Park
330 200 W St
UT 84025

435 750-0300

What is there to do?

Coasters, thrills, water fun and kids play....and a jumping dragon...all this is in store for your family day out in Utah if you visit Lagoon Park!

Lagoon Park has enough rides and attractions to entertain and amuse the young and old, the brave and well, the not so brave!

When you arrive, you won't be able to help but see the Roller Coaster, which is over 80 years old (that's a lot of fun it's give to families over the years!). It's also one of the most popular attractions within the park, and only one of the few coasters between the West Coast and Denver!

Feeling a bit...Wicked?  You will be when you launch to the top of a 110 foot tower, as fast as 55 mph! You will pass through steel valleys, half pipes, high-banked turns and even inversions. Not for the faint hearted!

Then of course, there is the Colossus: The Fire Dragon!

Zooming through 65ft loops, you will find that 75% of your body weight is pressed against the seat. Now THAT is something to challenge yourself! It's twice as high as the Jet Star, and one and a half times as high as the Fire Dragon, only the brave will face this dragon!

Lagoon Park doesn't just cater for those super brave though. If there are little brave ones who want to enjoy kiddie sized thrills, then there are fun merry-g-rounds and tea cups just for them.

If you are a family who like to stay cool, then the Rattlesnake Rapids are ready to take you on a journey down some water rapids - great fun for the entire family!

No matter what kind of family you are, Lagoon Park will have something for you! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $49.95 (Over 48")

Children: $37.50 (Under 48")

Discount: Seniors


When can we go?

Hours vary so check on the day

February to October

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