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Forsyth Park

Savannah, GA

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Address: Drayton St & E Gaston St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA Number: 912 351-3841 Website Contact How do we get there?

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We all know that Savannah is a stunning historic city, but did you know that there are some beautiful parks there too? Yep, and Forsyth Park is one of them!

Forsyth Park is 30 acres of beautiful playspace in the heart of the historic district. In fact, it's the LARGEST park in that district. It's a place where families visiting the city, and families who live there all get together and just enjoy the cool events and activities the park has to offer!

The park itself is perfect for doing all those classic park activities we know and love. There is plenty of space to play, run around and picnic. There are even playgrounds for the kids if they have that bit more energy.

If you fancy some tennis there are courts there, and even basketball courts for those who want that slam dunk!

Cycling is now permitted on the paths in the park, and there is plenty of people watching to do too!

But of course it's Savannah, and there is one image that is truly iconic to the city - the Forsyth Fountain, and yes, you can find that within Forsyth Park. It was actually moulded after fountains in Peru, and came to life in the park all the way back in 1858. Keep an eye out on St Patricks Day every year the fountain might just turn green!

Now, not only can you have park fun but there are also concerts across summer during the Savannah Jazz Festival, and even FREE movies for you to enjoy. Even the rest of the year often has some pretty cool events that are perfect for kids. 

So grab those picnic blankets, and frisbees, and mitts because Forsyth Park is ready to give you a great day out in the sun with the family!


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Take sun protection, and take your camera you will want it for tat fountain!

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There's a cafe in the park!

Healthy Eating Feel free to bring your own picnic blanket and lunch! Take plenty of water too

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The park can be foundat the southern edge of the Historic District between Drayton Street on the east and Whitaker and the west. North and south Forsyth Park is bordered by Gaston Street and Park Avenue respectively.

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The park is flat and has accessible paths

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