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National Parks / Natural World in Florida

Sunshine and fun...that's Florida! The Sunshine State has 800 miles of incredible beaches, thrilling theme parks galore and a ton of fun things to do with kids! But Florida is just not beaches. There are amazing natural wonders to be explored, like the famous Everglades filled with wildlife and adventure. There is amazing history, and beautiful animal attractions. You will have so many choices for your family day out! A truly special state.

If you love nature, and you love adventure, and getting out into those great outdoors, Florida is a must for that next family day out!  Pristine beaches, peaceful state parks, and of course those unique and unforgettable Everglades.  It's a haven for those who love to get out and explore what makes the state great!

Florida has a host of state parks to enjoy, which are perfect families as they often offer a brilliant blend of playground space, swimming opportunities, forest and wildlife. Some also give kids the chance to explore unusual landscapes, such as Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park, known as "The Amazon Of North America"!

Others let kids learn about history too, including Fort Cooper State Park where soldiers came during the Second Seminole War.

As well as state parks, there are beautiful botanic gardens that can showcase the best local flora, and some such as Marie Selby Botanical Gardens have special kids attractions, such as their indoor rainforest!

Lakes, swamps, bayous, forests, beaches....it's all there to be explored in The Sunshine State!

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The Sunshine State

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