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Dutch Springs

Bethlehem, PA

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Address: 47 Dutch Spring, Bethlehem, PA 18020, USA Number: 610-759-2270 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Did you ever think you would visit a water park where you can enjoy attractions above AND below the water?

Welcome to Dutch Springs!

Dutch Springs is a great place to spend time with the family, enjoying all of the water activities they have to offer!

The Wibit is the newest attraction, where you have to navigate the course across the water. The Summit is a favorite with a fun, and easy to reach peak, because you slide back into the water the other side. Great to keep those kids active!

The Water Totter is a great way for kids to see how great their balance really is! A fun version of a teeter totter - kids, see how long you can stay dry! (We bet not long!)

Ready for a quest? Why not take on the challenge of the Icebergs! This fun 15 ft peak is where kids can feel they have conquered the Arctic. A very popular activity with the kids!

Have an adventure in space with Saturn, where you get to have fun on a giant sphere with big rings around it. Great fun to play on - and great for that balance too!

With the Aqua Mat and Aqua Jump great fun too, there is so much above the water fun at Dutch Springs!

But - we did say that there is some exploring UNDER the water, which is where the snorkelling and Scuba diving comes in! You can try your had at diving with a professional there, so you are in good hands whether you are a novice, or a pro.

Lots of water fun at Dutch Springs. A great way to stay COOL during summer!

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$17 - $30 (Over 10 years)



$13 - $19 (Ages 5 to 9)


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Whilst the diving is open until December, the AquaPark closes around Labor Day. Diving and scuba additional costs to what is listed

Any top tips?


If you think you will be visiting often, look into the season passes as they will save you money

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Healthy Eating Why not bring your own picnic lunch and enjoy it on the grass near the lake. Perfect for that family day!

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You can have a birthday party at Aqua Park! There are two party packages, filled with great options so why not celebrate in style with your friends!

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If you have special needs, just speak to staff when you arrive and they can assist you with what you can experience.

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10am - 5pm

April to December

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