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    Had my son’s 5th birthday party here yesterday, and while the bouncing area is great, I would caution you against having parties here because the actual party room is atrocious. It’s too small to accommodate even thirteen 5 year olds, is basically a closed off portion of an unfinished garage, and smells a bit like burning. If any adults are there for the party they’re going to need to fight for seating on a bench, or outside the room on an old couch that your cousin Niko threw out because his girlfriend puked on it when they got too drunk watching The Matrix sequels. If you’re longing to see that couch again, then by all means, the party room is where its at. If you’re not, possibly think again.Again, if you’re going for a couple of hours just to bounce, I’d up my review to 4 stars because really, where else are you going to bounce like this? The moon? No, it’s too far away.