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    Was taken up here by a group of friends on a weekend away to Hamilton, Montana, the home of one of my college dormmates. I was particularly interested in it because the mansion was built by Marcus Daly, one of the ‘Copper Kings’ of Butte Montana – a Irishman born in County Cavan.He moved to America when he was young, first New York and then San Francisco. He travelled around the West Coast mining towns and worked his way up through the mining companies. Copper was just coming into its use in telephone and electricity wires and Daly struck a fortune in Montana.I found the personal story behind the mansion interesting, how he made his fortune, how he was 30 when he married his 18 year old wife Margaret and what he did with his money – building this mansion. How it was difficult to get an understanding of his life and times from his point of view. According to the website ”he was not a man to share confidence or talk about himself.” I also found his legacy interesting. Although the smelter provided people with well paid jobs at a particular time, it wasn’t sustainable. There seemed to be little long term planning by him or the ‘Copper Kings’. The Copper industry that had given life to an area and community had equally decimated it ( though it could be argued what the community have done there since has been remarkable) when the industry stopped. The world had moved on and the industry had used the resources available. His wife and kids went off and did their own thing when he died. I walked around the mansion and looked at the front entrance after hearing the stories of his life and wondered what he would have thought of it all.Was it worth it?Could it have been done differently?The museum itself was great. The mansion has been beautifully restored and the guides were very helpful. 5 stars.

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    Grand old house. Anytime I have friends from out-of-state visiting Missoula in the summer, I take them out there. I would highly recommend it to people who would like to visit the grandeur of Montana’s past. The setting is beautiful with the mountains in the background.

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