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Tours in Montana

Montana is a truly special state. It's how America used to be. This true Wild West state has unspoilt wilderness and fascinating wildlife. A true frontier state! There is a wild outdoors unlike any other, and a great history which kids can learn about, and that includes dinosaurs! With battlefield sites, western experiences and stunning landscapes with mountains and lakes, this Treasure State has plenty of places to visit with kids, and adults alike!

Montana is truly a special place. Unspoilt wilderness, amazing wildlife, and a true American West way about it…a place where kids can experience what small-town frontier America may have been like. Oh yes, and dinosaurs!  (Make sure you visit the numerous museums like Great Plains Dinosaur Museum)

Kids can’t go to Montana and not experience the wild outdoors. Glacier National Park has an incredibly unique ecosystem, and Bitterroot National Forest spans over 1.6 million acres! The scenery in Montana is magical and a haven for kids to explore in.

History can be relived with sites like Little Bighorn Battlefield, as well as incredible museums like the frontier inspired Fort Benton Heritage Museum, and the Museum of the Rockies.  An amazing education for kids!

Wait, you want cowboys? Why didn't you say so! There are plenty of true Western experiences to be had for kids with activities such as Jakes Horses, or perhaps a visit to a true working ranch with Grant-Kohrs Ranch!

With 180 degrees of Big Sky, Montana is an unforgettable experience for kids, and a state with countless places to visit with kids!

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