Navajo Village Heritage Center

Page, AZ

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Address: 1253 Coppermine Rd, Page, AZ 86040, USA Number: 928 660-0304 Website Contact How do we get there?

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A truly magical experience in Arizona is to immerse yourselves in the rich history and culture of the state, and at the Navajo Village Heritage Center, you can do just that!

Nestled deep in the high desert landscape, the Navajo Village offers you a chance to explore the powerful culture and heritage of the Dine, the Navajo.

Stories that have been passed down through generations are re-told, and you have the change to take part in the story telling yourselves! It's a rate learning opportunity to observe and absorb a unique perspective on life.

Also at the Navajo Village Heritage Center, you can tour through traditional Navajo dwellings, learning about how each structure was built, and how it was used.

You can hear a Navajo Cultural Presentation, and see a traditional weaving presentation! It's with this they teach the art of rug weaving, as well as the roles of women within Navajo culture.

The tour is finished with a beautiful Native American Dance Presentation.

Also an option is a self-guided Nature Walk tour, through the homesite and into the Navajo Sandstone cliff surrounding the Navajo Village. It's an incredible part of the country to visit!

With the Grand Tour, lasting one hour and including all of the above, it's a brilliant way for kids to learn first hand the cultures and traditions of the Navajo heritage!

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Grand Tour: $25



Grand Tour: $20 (Ages 7 to 11)


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6 years


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You can book just the 20 minute Native Dance Performance if you don't want to do the hour tour

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It's a good idea to take bottled water with you

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Speak to staff about taking a school group, it's an incredible learning opportunity for students!

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Give them a call to ask questions about the accessibility of the landscape and the tour, they will be happy to help advise!

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Grand Tours run hourly from 8am - 4pm

Operates year round

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