Red Rock Park

Church Rock, NM

Where are we going?

Red Rock Park
Red Rock Park
Church Rock
NM 87311

505 722-3839

What is there to do?

Red Rock Park is a fun park in Churchrock, cradled by spectacular red cliffs that were formed over 200 millions years ago!

That's right kids, those rocks have been seen by the dinosaurs themselves!

It's a great way to combine a glimpse of the past with modern amenities! There's a campground where you can enjoy picnics, and they have a host of sports and cultural events across the year too.

Every August, Gallup is home to the famous Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial, giving kids an insight into Native American culture, as well as 5K runs, and the balloon festival!

Don't miss a visit to the Red Rock Museum either, where you can learn all about the area, from prehistoric farming, to the Navajo tribe, to the present day!

Nature, learning and kids fun in Red Rock!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free entry but some activities may cost

Children: Same as adult


When can we go?

It's best daylight hours

Year round


Any top tips?

It's a good idea to take sun protection as it can get really hot in the New Mexico sun!

I’m Hungry!

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