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    My wife and I went to this museum a couple days ago and we both loved it! They have dozens of aircraft on display, many of which you can actually walk into and look around. One of which is on display on the tarmac just outside, an old radar-outfitted Lockheed Constellation which was one of my favorite things about the museum. One thing I would recommend, try and go during temperate time as the hangers that the aircraft are on display in are not heated. However, this definitely didn’t keep me from enjoying the museum. One of the greatest things about it was a flight simulator they have that you can use. With multiple screens, a full yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals, you can teach yourself how to take-off, fly, and land many of the different aircraft they have with the simulator. Using the Microsoft Flight Simulator X software in the simulator, I had a lot of fun and brought back a lot of memories of when I took pilot lessons a few years ago. This is definitely a family-friendly museum, especially for those interested in aviation like I am. After touring the museum, complete with two fully-stocked hangers of aircraft, not to mention the Conny outside, you can visit the gift shop before leaving. I honestly have no complaints from this museum. Friendly staff, a wide variety of aircraft to see all dating way back to the World War I to present day, and the excellent flight simulator system, this is a hidden treasure in the capital of Kansas and a must-see for anyone interested in aviation.