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Address: 1119 12th Street Cody, WY 82414 Number: (307) 587-6988 Website Contact How do we get there?

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There is SO much excitement and adventure to experience in Cody, that it makes sense why a company such as Cody Wyoming Adventures exists.

Cody Wyoming Adventures offers a number of tours that allow the family (no matter what age!) to experience what makes the region so special.

Have you ever seen Wild Mustangs...well, in the WILD? The Red Canton Wild Mustang Tour allows you to do just that! There is no better way than to start your adventure in Wyoming with a wild horse safari. Seeing the wild mustangs run along the plains just as they would have done all those years ago is truly special.

The Wild West was an iconic part of US history, as was the Gold Rush. As a result, the USA is THE place to visit a real life ghost town, and Cody Wyoming Adventures also offers a tour around Kirwin Ghost Town where you can experience first hand the fascinating history of this Wyoming town that existed and thrived in the few years between 1897 and 1907.

One type of tour that Cody Wyoming Adventures thrives in offering are the rafting tours. You can explore the Red Canyon or tackle the Shoshone River, even the North Fork - from short trips to full days - and perfect for all ages and abilities.

The rating trips with Cody Wyoming Adventures really do accomodate all ages and abilities, with some rafting tours suitable for kids as young as 2!

Are you ready to see what Cody Wyoming Adventures offers? The wilderness of Wyoming is waiting and the adventures and tours have your name on it! So what are you waiting for? Let's get adventurous!

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Tours from $30 but individual prices vary



Same as adult


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There are so many tour options, make sure you read about all the individual tours before making a decision!

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They also offer rentals like kayak rentals!

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Some tours include snacks and water so check when you book! Otherwise it's a good idea to take some with you

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You'll find out the pick up location of the tour when you book as they can vary

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Give them a call if you have any questions about the accessibility of any of the tours!

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Tour times vary so check when you book!

Some tours operate year round but tour seasons vary so check the website

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