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    We are from Tucson, AZ & after 533 miles & 8.5 hrs on May 28th- June 2nd we finally arrived to this wonderfull campground ” Jemez Falls” we simply typed in the name of campground in our cell gps and it took us straight to it. The campground has approx: 52 sites & yes I will spill the beans and share what site is the BEST!!!! if you wanna be away from the other campers # 46 & #47 are the farthest sites and closest to the Falls. remember no reservations 1st come 1st serve either way the whole site is very quite, peacfull and super awesome. The Jemez Falls is something spectacular. If you have the courage, skill and adventurous you, must hike down to falls. when you reach the metal guard rails go west and keep your eyes peeled for the trail you’ll know youre on the right one when you have to hike down these jagged/ steep cliffs using two old wooden logs as a ladder. “it’s not a simple anyone can you type of hike but your blessed if you do! so much exploring down there one you let the water cascade on your head from the jemez falls make sure you hike down the rocky/bouldery canyon VERY BEAUTIFUL! Ill let your imagination take over… also when youre there it’s a two mile hike “west” from campground to “McKulley Hot springs. youll see a sign upon reaching Jemez Falls which way to go. once you reach a stream of water you cant miss it nor the water coming down. go up a few feet and youll see the hotsprings. also when youre visiting make sure you ask the locals there or at the little market 8miles away on how to reach “Spencer Hotsprings & Soda Dam Hotsprings. If you are planning on Fishing you’ll see the signs to Fenton Lake as well. My Family and I had a fabulous time at Jemez Falls campsite. for only 10 bucks a night that includes toilets but no running water is great deal. we had two tents and 4 people. Hope you go and enjoy.