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Clementon Park and Splash World

Clementon, NJ

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Address: 144 Berlin Rd, Clementon, NJ 08021, USA Number: (856) 783-0263 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

It's not just theme park fun, but water park fun too at Clementon Park and Splash World! What an amazing day out - especially if you can't decide between the thrilling coaster or thrilling water slide. So let's explore!

At the theme park, the whole family can enjoy it because there are thrill rides, kiddie rides and family rides for you to choose from. There are rides that will make you feel like you are flying, and rides that will see you plummet 110ft!

There are zero gravity thrills, and 60ft loops, and rides that let you experience a fun steam engine. Clementon Park has a giant Ferris Wheel to give you the birds eye view of the park, or you can just relax on the vintage carousel.

If you are feeling like making a splash, there are a host of activities for you at Splash World! From lazy rivers, to tubes and rapids, and a 23,000 sq ft Big Wave Bay, it's the perfect place to get your thrills AND spills!

You can test your bravery on some pretty amazing slides, as well as just float the day away in your own inner tube. You might even want to feel like you are on an adventure with the crazy rapids, or just enjoy some play time in the main pool.

Great family fun in New Jersey where the adventures are waiting for YOU!

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$29.99 (Under 48")



Online discounts. Senior and physically challenged admission $29.99


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They have dine-in movies which are always super fun!

Any top tips?


You can re-enter the park but just make sure you get your hand stamped at the front gate.

I'm Hungry!


There is almost TOO much to eat here! From nachos, to a food court, to cake factory and pizza, with burgers, hot dogs, and pretzels too, you might want to arrive on an empty stomach!

Healthy Eating The food court has salads

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They love having groups! They offer group discounts, and just contact the group sales office to book your place. Make sure you book with at least 2 weeks notice. It's a super fun way for the kids to spend a day out the classroom!

Can I get one of those?


You can rent lockers at the water park if you need.

Need a little extra help?


They offer physically challenged discounts on admission, and speak to staff about the attractions which are accessible. They will be happy to help

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When can we go?

10am/11am open. Close between 5pm and 9pm. Check online before you go.

May to September

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