Battleship New Jersey

Camden, NJ

Where are we going?

Battleship New Jersey
100 Clinton St
NJ 08103


What is there to do?

Did you know that there was a real battleship in New Jersey? Well, there is! Battleship New Jersey also happens to be a fascinating place to visit with the family, as there are tours, events, and even overnight stays! It lets kids experience history in a WHOLE other way! 

There are exhibits filled with amazing artifacts from the ship's past where you can come to understand the stories of not only the history of the ship, but of the people that used to live and work on it. What's even better, is that the exhibits are actually IN the ship! So as you go along your tour, you will come across them.

You can actually sit in the chair that Admiral Halsey commanded the fleet from. You can stretch out in the same bunks that the sailors slept in. You can even climb INTO the 16" gun turret, as well as learn how the projectiles were loaded and used. An amazing hands-on look into history!

As soon as you step across the ships brow you will really understand that it's more than just a museum - it's an interactive experience for the whole family. Kids love climbing up the original ladders up to the bridge, just as many men and women would have done beforehand.

The tours are very interactive, which means you need to be prepared to climb up and down ladders a lot, and step through passageways and even try and manoeuvre around tight spaces. Make sure you have those comfortable shoes on!

There is always a Main Deck Tour if you're uncomfortable with any of the ladders.

Ahoy Captain, and let's set sail! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $21.95

Children: $17 (Ages 5 - 11)

Discount: Seniors and veterans $17

Free Under: 5 years and active military


Need a little extra help?

Call about accessibility, as there are lots of ladders and steps.


When can we go?

Times vary on the month, but usually 9:30am - 3pm or 5pm

All year round but closed New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas


Any top tips?

Make sure you have comfortable clothes with you!

Healthy Eating

It's worth carrying water and healthy snacks to have before your tour - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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