Circle City BMX Racing

Dothan, AL

Where are we going?

Circle City BMX Racing
Westgate Park
501 Recreation Rd
AL 36303

334 793 0189

What is there to do?

Circle City BMX Racing is the ultimate activity where the experts can push themselves to the limit, and beginners can feel like they are an expert.

You get your bike ready - hands on the handle bars - ready to take that leap.  You are waiting in the starting lane, and you know you are about to experience something adrenaline pumping...something great! 

You look out at the track at what you're about to face, and then you're off!  The race has started!

The great thing about BMX is while every course has a finish line and a starting gate, no two tracks are identical, so you can always mix it up and try new things.  Once you have mastered one course, you can move on to the next.  The lengths vary just as much as the size, and the arrangement of the challenging obstacles along it.

Some tracks are flat, and some have very cool downhill sections for you to tackle!  They also range from 900 feet to 1,300 feet in length.  Don't worry about having a rough ride either, as the tracks have been well groomed! 

So two year olds, you can take your time on the Strider pushbikes and really learn your balance - getting the feel for the bike and the tracks and building confidence.  Experts, you can fly over the obstacles until your adrenaline pumped heart's content!  Everyone will feel the same sense of excitement. 

Each race participant is matched up with entrants similar to them, for example they might have a 5 and Under (Novice) category, and a 7 years expert category.  They will make sure you are okay.  After you win 10 aces, you move up a category! So it's a great personal challenge too. 

You can also attend practice sessions prior to the race too, to really get to know the track.

Good luck out there! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Practice races $5, actual race $10

Children: Practice races $5, actual race $10

Family Deals: Memberships with discounts for multiple family members


When can we go?

Times vary on practice times and race times


Any top tips?

The helmet and bike rental is included in the practice or race fee! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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