Chesapeake Childrens Museum

Annapolis, MD

Where are we going?

Chesapeake Childrens Museum
5 Silopanna Road

410 990 1993

What is there to do?

Exhibit spaces within the museum: Bay Window Live animals are the highlight of this exhibit. Aquatic and land-living creatures represent regional wildlife, providing firsthand observations of their habits and habitats. Watermen Visitors climb aboard a ten-foot boat and dock to act out their own watermen scenes. Props (life jackets, nets, plush crabs and fish) add to the realism of the exhibit. Plus many more! Outdoor Areas: Outdoor Classroom Graceful dogwoods and redbuds as well as an amphitheater of toad stools. Blueberry Hill Fresh food attracts wildlife and teaches children that we are all nourished by living things. Raspberries, paw paws and apples are grown here in addition to a grove of blueberries. Plus much m,ore! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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