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National Parks / Natural World in Nevada

Jackpot! Yes, you have won the jackpot of places to visit with kids in Nevada! And it's so much more than Vegas. Nevada has amazing natural wonders that kids can explore, like the stunning Death Valley. State Parks cover the land where kids can learn about nature and experience all the beautiful wildlife. Water parks, zoos, much more than those bright lights! With kids fun around every corner, families will love their time in the amazing Nevada for their family day out.

Nevada may be considered a desert state, but that doesn't mean that your next family day out adventure in it's great outdoors can't be filled with incredible experiences!

Did you know that some of the oldest buildings in Nevada can be found across the 520 acre Spring Mountain Ranch State Park? Perhaps you would rather enjoy camping and boating in the beautiful Echo Canyon State Park in eastern Nevada?

Kids can learn about early life throughout the historic Floyd Lamb State Park, or uncover an the incredible family-friendly oasis at Lake Tahoe State Park.

Whether you love to grab those walking shoes and take to the hiking trails, spend some quiet time fishing, wildlife spotting or even ice skating (yes, ice skating!), there are so many great opportunities to enjoy outdoor adventures in Nevada with kids.

So let's get the adventure started, because there is a fascinating state to explore!

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