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That great southern hospitality is waiting to welcome your family to your family day out! Louisiana is a magical state, filled with incredible wildlife, amazing scenery and a super fun great outdoors to play in. There is a rich history which kids can learn about in a host of museums across the state. There are exciting tours to embark on that can show you all the kids fun to be had. There are so many things to do with kids that will really show them what makes this state special.

The land of gumbo, bayous and incredible festivals is waiting to show families what else they have to offer for kids (and trust us, it’s a LOT!)

To start with, yes, those classic parts of Louisiana should be embraced and experienced! Attractions such as the snappy Alligator Park, Cajun Critters Swamp Tours and Big Easy Harbour Paddleboat Tours all capture the incredible and unique vibrancy of this state. Don’t forget to recharge those batteries with Cajun Food Tours!

But did you ever think Louisiana would have incredibly diverse museums, such as the New Orleans Museum of Art, or the very wacky UCM Museum which has to be the state’s most eccentric museum! (We’ll leave it as a surprise exactly what it is!)

History is literally right under your feet everywhere you turn, and kids will love exploring the past with places like the Kent Plantation House, and the 19th centre Acadian Village. Louisiana is filled with incredible natural wonders too, so get out and take in the wildness with the numerous reserves and parks, including the BREC Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center and Jean Lafitte National Park.

You certainly won’t be short of places to visit with kids in this crawfish capital of the world….it really is one of a kind!


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