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Address: 2613 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA Number: 612.729.5151 Website Contact How do we get there?

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We just LOVE art because it's a way to express yourselves, with no right or wrong answer. Articulture happens to love art too, and offers weekly classes and workshops for anyone over 12 months who wants that creative family experience too!

Articulture's mission is to create positive change through art, and you can be a part of it, and more important, your kids can too! Their programming focuses on using the creative process to encourage creative thinking in an open ended approach to arts education.

Their curriculum imparts basic art skills, terminology as well as technique, while based in imaginative learning to channel and nurture the creative process. Pretty cool!

A lot of the classes are one day a week over a number of weeks, but they do offer daily classes across the year so just check when those are on, as well as 1 day classes and workshops.

So kids, are you ready to get inspired, and spend some time creating and learning? We certainly are, so let's get creative!

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Prices vary on the class



Same as adult


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There are quite a few classes and programs of different durations, so just make sure you read them all before you choose

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They have a store where you can buy artwork, and of course you can take home the artwork that you create! In addition they stock basic age-appropriate art supplies for toddlers, school-age children, and adults.

Need a little extra help?


They frequently work with artists with disabilities and have created an accessible space

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Classes and programs vary in time

Year round

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