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50 States Of Summer - Part One!

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It’s THAT time of year that everyone is waiting for, when the sun is beaming, and the activities for the whole family are endless!

The Countdown To Summer Begins!

It’s also the perfect time to explore those more northern states where the weather isn't as welcoming over the wintertime. So to celebrate, Family Days Out has created our “50 States of Summer” list which can give you a host of ideas for your family! Over the next week to build up to summer, we will be listing 10 ideas just for you…. Let’s go!

  1. Go on safari! You don’t have to head to Africa to enjoy a family safari! Florida’s Lion Country Safari lets you get up close to some amazing creatures like rhinos and chimps!
  2. Explore a lighthouse! Always located on the coast, which is often quite windy areas, take advantage of summer and head to places like Sheffield Island Lighthouse where you can take tours of this 19th-century piece of Connecticut history!
  3. Go horseriding! There are some pretty amazing places to explore in the USA, so at places like Sunset Ranch in California offer you some great views and fun animal adventures!
  4. Visit a classic Amusement Park! Smaller than theme parks and ideal for those younger kids, places like Arizona’s Enchanted Island is FILLED with fun rides that you can enjoy, as well as yummy treats for afterward!
  5. Have a picnic in a State Park! In Alabama, you have plenty to choose from! At Oak Mountain State Park, you can grab those blankets, involve the kids in making fun foods, and relax as you enjoy some family time in front of the lake and trees!
  6. Explore Nature! You don’t have to go out into the wilderness to stick on those hiking boots! Alaska Botanical Gardens gives you a taste of adventure without having to venture too far away!
  7. Go fishing! Grab those rods and spend the day relaxing and enjoying each other's company as you try and catch dinner! Woolly Hollow State Park in Arkansas has over 40 acres waiting just for you!
  8. Jump in a Hot Air Balloon! What an adventure! For something unique this summer, take the family to explore the earth from a whole other angle! Grand Adventure Balloon Tours in Colorado are a great way to see the Rockies, AND learn about history!
  9. Take a dip in the ocean! It’s summer after all! The water is lovely, and there are many safe places that you can go, including Delaware’s Cape Henlopen State Park where a lifeguard patrols the swimming beaches!
  10. Pan for gold! You don’t have to be part of the gold rush to experience the excitement of finding those gems! Gold n Gem Grubbin' in Georgia lets you try your luck at finding fortune with an amazing view of a 7-acre lake!

Check back later for Part 2 of our countdown to summer with our “50 States of Summer” Get inspired!

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