Vertical Endeavors Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN

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Address: 2540 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA Number: 612-436-1470 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Who's ready to get climbing! It's such a fun thing to do with the family AND it's great for kids health! Vertical Endeavors Minneapolis is also built in one of the last historic Ice House buildings that remain, so it's a historic experience too!

With 28,000 sq feet of climbing wall, you will be able to find the right climb for you. All of the climbs are color coded by difficulty, so you can start at the easiest, and work your way up to expert! It's such a great experience for kids to see themselves improving every time - finally getting to the top of a route and then moving on to the next color.

If you have never climbed before, don't you worry because Vertical Endeavors Minneapolis is there to help everyone - whether you have never held a rope before, to those who are awesome pros. There are areas to try lead-climbing, and top-roping, and even bouldering which is a great way for kids to practice. 

Bouldering is where you aren't attached to rope, but you're very low to the ground, which is covered in nice soft padding. It's there they can learn the feel of the holds, and build their upper body strength.

There are also 24 auto belays so you don't need any experience to use those, and you know that you are safe with the technology instead of having to find a second person to belay you.

Did you know that Vertical Endeavors do indoor AND outdoor climbing? Why not practice a few times indoors then head out into nature and try and climb actual rocks for real? It's a different experience, but just as satisfying! 

The whole family can join in - so get climbing! 

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$15 Weekday / $17 Weekend



$15 Weekday / $17 Weekend



10 visit punch card $120


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Why not have your birthday party at the center? There are fun birthday party packages just for you!

Any top tips?


Rentals of the harness, shoes and chalk bag are extra.

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It's always great to take a bottle of water and healthy snacks when you visit so you can keep that energy up!

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See website for details:

Teachers corner


It's great for keeping the kids physically fit! Great for muscle strength, and increasing focus and teamwork skills. They have a number of field trip options, so just ask them about it!

Can I get one of those?


The Pro Shop is where you can grab all your rock climbing gear if you love it and want to continue !

Need a little extra help?


You do need to be physically mobile to climb, but give them a call to discuss any disabilities you might have

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When can we go?

Monday to Friday 8am-11pm // Saturday 10am-11pm // Sunday 10am-6pm

362 days a year

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