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Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve Evansville

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Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve
551 North Boeke Rd
Tel: 812 479 0771

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Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve is an Indiana State Nature Preserve and National Natural Landmark featuring nearly 200 acres of virgin bottomland hardwood forest. This old-growth lowland forest is of exceptionally high quality. The mean density of Newburgh Trail at Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve ( photo courtesy of Aaron Chenoweth)trees is high (125 trees per acre) and the canopy starts far above the forest floor. There are many trees reaching 100 feet tall, and some are estimated to be nearly 300 years old. The basal area of 187 square feet per acre is the highest known for any woods in Indiana. Despite the moderate variation in elevation within the woods (only 20 ft) there is a wide diversity of tree, shrub, and wildflower species
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    I was looking for a nature place to walk my dog. Unfortunately, the only places dogs are allowed is on the paved road/ path that is shared with people driving. I wish I could take my dog on the nature trails, or at least have a place to walk where I am not worried about the traffic coming by us every 30 seconds.

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