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Laurel Lake Wildlife Management Area Lenore

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Laurel Lake Wildlife Management Area
Laurel Lake Wildlife Management Area
Tel: (304) 475-2823

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Laurel Lake Wildlife Management Area, a 12, 851 acre area, is located seven miles northeast of Lenore, West Virginia. Slopes are steep and the valleys and ridges of Laurel Lake are narrow. Dogwood and rhododendron, the state flower, are common and add a softness during spring months. The abundance of Eastern Hemlock provides a refreshing green to the terrain during winter months, while the tangles of blackberry, Autumn Olive and grapevine offer cover and food for wildlife and a challenge to hunters. Oak, Hickory, Poplar, and Maple are the predominant species of hardwood. The forest surrounding the lake is full of predators such as fox, owl, and raptors. Snakes, frogs, turtles and salamanders remain camouflaged throughout the lake and forest areas. Mollusks, crustaceans, and arachnids play a big role in the lake ecology. Plants such as blackberry and dandelion provide food to numerous species that inhabit the Laurel Lake area.
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