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Gold City Gem Mine Franklin

Where is it at?

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Gold City Gem Mine
9410 Sylva Road
Hwy 441
Tel: 800 713-7767


6 miles north od Franklin, NC in the Smoky Mountain. 5000 ft above sea level, 5000 sq ft building on 50 acres on highway 441 north.

Where are we going today?

There is something special about uncovering something really special, and magical in our amazing earth. At Gold City Gem Mine, you get the chance to find your own special treats under the ground!

Gold City Gem Mine is a fun way to spend the day with the family, where you can mine one of a number of types of buckets FILLED with soil right from their 40 acre property. You can choose between both Enriched gemstones, and Native gemstones, to try your luck!

After you have mined your buckets, you can bring the rough stones that you found (with your fingers crossed!) and see their professional jeweler that's on-site, which can then inspect them to see what might be special in there!

You can even have the stones then cut and mounted into something fun and special! You might come across sapphires, or perhaps rubies. You might even come across an amethyst, or emeralds. Who knows!

Of course, the North Carolina Gem Bucket includes one cut gemstone - so do you think you'll be successful!

You can't be mining for gems without experience that old fashioned activity of gold panning. Gold City Gem Mine gives you all the supplies you need to try and strike it rich! You of course will be panning for real gold and yes - you get to keep what you find!

If kids really get to love all the different types of gems and start a love of geology, then there is a great Rock Shop that they can take home something else to remember they time by! 

It's a GEM of a family day out option, and something different for the kids. ROCK 'n' roll kids! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsThere is a charge for gem bags

When can we go?

9am to 5pm daily weather permitting

All year round (closed Tues and Wed only in February)

Teachers corner

Give them a call about group discounts for kids visits! .

Any Top Tips?

You can certainly take home anything you find whilst mining or panning!.

Doing our bit

They are all about having a great time but also learning about history. They have kept the traditional panning methods so kids can see what it would have been like in the past! .

Need a little extra help?

Give them a call if you need wheelchair access, and see how they can help! .

Can I get one of those?

The Rock Shop is a great place to check out the souvenirs and rocks you can take home! Great gifts for all ages. .

More information

Check with them if you are unsure about the weather, as they might shut if it is bad. .

What people are saying?

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    Worst overpriced gem mine in the area. Owner was a jerk to us. Mean old man. I wouldn't give this guy any money if he was the only been mine in the area and he's not. Save time and SO NOT COME HERE IF YOU HAVE KIDS. This is NOT a kid friendly place to visit.

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    friendly people..
    found a 6 carats emerald,a 5 carat ruby made into a pendant and lots of other prwcious gems..citrine, smoke quarts, amethyst, aquamariine

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    Great place freindly and fun for the family

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