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Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo

Sevierville, TN

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Address: 109 Nascar Dr, Sevierville, TN 37862, USA Number: 865 428 4091 Website Contact How do we get there?

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We love a zoo, and we LOVE nature, so when there is a zoo IN a rainforest, we get pretty excited!

The Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo is nestled right in the heart of those stunning Smoky Mountains and is home to some pretty incredible creatures from rainforest’s all over the world!

There are over 600 live animals within the zoo that you can get up close to, and they represent over 130 amazing species (did you even know that many species lived in the rainforest!)

Like any zoo, the Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo has reptiles, amphibians, mammals and those striking birds. The reptiles of course give you snakes, crocodilians, lizards and turtles to learn all about. Did you know that the tortoise can live over 125 years?! How amazing is that!

There are so many mammals at the zoo, you won't know where to start! Maybe you want to check out the cheeky Lapuchin Monkeys, or the curious Lemurs? There are even mammals you might not have heard of before, including the Genet, Cavy and Coatimundi. What better place to learn what they are than right in front of them!

When you think of a rainforest, you think of those brightly colored birds in the trees, and at Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo they have a variety of tropical and temperate birds. The Blue & Gold Macaw will amaze kids with it's bright blues and yellows, and the finches are perfect for taking those pictures with their splashes of color! 

Of course, if you REALLY love the zoo and think your friends will too, then why not have a birthday there with the animals to celebrate! We know you want to! Happy birthday!

A charming zoo experience with a difference in Tennessee - don't forget your camera! 

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$7.99 (Ages 3 to 12)



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3 years


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Don't forget those cameras!

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Teachers corner


Students will just love coming to learn all about the animals - it's their edZOOcation! They have guidelines for the trips, and discounted rates, so lets get out of the classroom and into the rainforest!

Can I get one of those?


We hope you have your pocket money with you, because when you see the shop you will wish you had! There is a whole range of zoological themed items from all over the world, and of course, those lovely stuffed animals are there too!

Need a little extra help?


If you have special needs or need wheelchair accessibility, give them a call to check what they can do

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When can we go?

9am to 5pm daily.

Open 364 days a year! (Closed Christmas)

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