The Tundra Buggy Adventure Winnipeg

Where is it at?

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The Tundra Buggy Adventure
1111 Munroe Ave
R2K 3Z5
Tel: 204 949 2050

Where are we going today?

If you have never seen a polar bear in the wild, then there is nothing like seeing it on The Tundra Buggy® - it's where you can really get up close to these amazing animals in Churchill - the polar bear capital of the world!

The Tundra Buggy Adventure offers tours across the year, giving you very different experiences as they take you out into the Canadian wilderness and give you a once in a lifetime adventure

Over summer, you can experience amazing day tours for 6 hours, passing varities of flora and fauna that are native to the Churchill area. Here, you might just spot those beautiful creatures, as they are keeping cool along the coast!

Over fall, you can enjoy a full day trip out to the WMA, and it's not just the polar bears that you might spot! If you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of the arctic fox, and other northern wildlife in their natural habitats!

Over winter, you can enjoy a night out in those amazing Tundra Buggies, and be audience to those amazing Northern lights that will light up the sky - can you see them dancing?!

With each tour you will be with a guide full of knowledge who can tell you all about Churchill and the polar bears, and all the while as you explore wildlife in one of the best and safety ways to do so!

The Tundra Buggy Adventure awaits the family - so what are you waiting for - let the adventure begin!

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsTours from $189
  • ChildrenTours from $149

When can we go?

Tour times vary so check when you book

Year round

Any Top Tips?

Make sure you take your camera! You will definitely need it!.

Doing our bit

They are concerned about the environment and wildlife, and make sure they run the tours with the interest of both in mind.

Need a little extra help?

Speak to staff if you have any accessibility questions -they will be happy to help!.

More information

If you want to stay over night they offer the Tundra Buggy Lodge! It's the perfect place to stay and see the bears even more.

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