Fun Things to do in Churchill

If you see polar bears - you know you’re in Churchill!

Churchill can be found in Manitoba, and really is all about adventure! Located right on Hudson Bay, it’s a town that is famous for polar bear interactions and beluga whales…oh yes, and family fun!

This stunning town in Manitoba is about nature, the outdoors, and experiences. It’s a GREAT place to visit if you want to see the Northern Lights, and it’s a great place for wildlife encounters. It’s also a great place if you like to get out hiking, and exploring. You know you want to!

For those unforgettable polar bear experiences, you won’t find it hard to find companies like Great White Bear Tours to take you out. There are also other tour experiences you can have no matter what age! How about some dog sledding with Wapusk Adventures?

Churchill also has a fascinating history, so make sure you stop by places like the Eskimo Museum to learn all about it.

History, animals, and amazing scenery - Churchill is waiting!



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