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The past couple of years has been really hard on the family, so to have an outlet to find free things to do with the kids means we can still enjoy amazing adventures without it hurting our budget. Amazing. .

Alberta, Canada

Some of the listings that encourage kids to get out into nature are my favorite. I knew Canada was beautiful but we’re discovered some true hidden gems that we would have never found without Family Days Out. We’ve created memories and had experience the kids will always remember. .

Portage la Prairie, Canada

Who would have thought there were so many things to do near me!.

British Columbia, Canada

Thank you Family Days Out we have realised that trips away with the family don’t have to be international or even another province, there is so much within arms reach we have started to take time away together for shorter spells, but more frequently and it’s been wonderful. .

Edmonton, Canada

Absolutely I recommend Family Days Out to all my friends and parents in the school run, I would go so far to say it’s probably the most used website in our house. .

Moose Jaw, Canada

I used to dread those words “I’m bored” but Family Days Out actually makes me look forward to weekends now. .

Quebec, Canada

Through Family Days Out I have found so many amazing museums for the kids, it’s been wonderful to be able to continue their education without them realising because they are having so much fun. .

Saskatoon, Canada

Any website that means I don’t have to spend a weekend researching what to do with the family, rather just a few clicks and I’ve found the perfect attraction is brilliant in my book. I’d highly recommend Family Days Out to anyone. .

Winnipeg Beach, Canada

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