Things to do in Thompson with kids

Manitoba is FILLED with epic wilderness adventures, vibrant cities, fascinating history and of course – it’s most famous inhabitants – the polar bears (Companies such as Tundra Buggy Adventure or Great White Bear Tours are your answer!)

Did you know that Manitoba is incredibly multicultural (it has a huge Icelandic community!), or that it had a Mennonite region? Maybe get out to see the Northern Lights!  It’s full of surprises!

Manitoba has amazing wilderness! Companies like Red River Outfitters or Bluesky Expeditions can take kids on wild river experiences, or out with their very own dog sleds!

Need a change of pace? Head indoors to the many museums – from the fascinating Manitoba Museum, or perhaps choo choo choose the Winnipeg Railway Museum. There is even an Eskimo Museum, and a deep space Planetarium!

Want to get active? Just say so! Hudson Bay Helicopters can take you up, up and away, Mystery Mountain Winter Park can help you hit the slopes, and Vertical Adventures can unleash the climbers in you!

As they say…it all starts when you pick a place to go!

There are so many fun things to do in Thompson with kids, we have a feeling you just might not want to leave!


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