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Things to do in Nunavut with kids

Nunavut is a place that every kids should visit at least once - it's an amazing part of Canada! There are so many amazing places to visit with kids. It's one of the most remote part of the world, with fascinating cultures and untouched wilderness for the kids to explore. Not to mention incredible wildlife! Nunavut even has one of the largest National Parks in the world! An amazing time to be had with the family, and unforgettable things to do with kids.

If you want to give kids an adventure that few ever get to experience in their life, then get out there and head to Nunavut.

It’s one of the most remote areas in the world, but one of the most incredible!  It’s an area where kids can experience fascinating cultures, untouched wilderness, and incredible wildlife.

The wilderness will really give you the most rewarding adventures.  There are national parks with sweeping glaciers, such as Wood Buffalo - one of the largest national parks in the world.

Sirmilik National Park has fun activities like boating and camping, and Ukkusiksalik National Park has cliffs, coast and tundra to explore, and also over 500 archaeological sites!

You can contact companies such as Arctic Kingdom which offer guided and tailored expeditions for incredible activities like fishing and dog sledding!  The area is also a great cultural insight for kids into the Inuit way of life.

You may not be able to pronounce some of the place names, but you will sure to come away with having been to one of the most special places to visit with kids!

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