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Theme Parks in Tuscaloosa, AL

One of the great things about Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is the variety of activities just for kids! Not only that, they give kids a glimpse into history, and let them learn and explore as they have a pretty awesome time!

Did you ever think you would be going back to the ice age in Tuscaloosa?

Just visit the Alabama Museum of Natural History! From Dinosaurs, the coal age, and geology, this museum is great for kids to learn (and not realize they are!)

If you have kids that love to get their hands busy, touching, experimenting, feeling, and playing, then make a beeline for the Children’s Hands-On Museum. No “Do Not Touch” signs here! Great interactive play to develop those much needed skills (and we’re not just talking about the washing up!)

Ever wanted to travel on a grand paddlewheel? The Bama Belle has just the thing! This modern day replica of 1900s transportation is a great family adventure whilst in the charming south.

Southern style family fun in a fabulous Southern city!

Tuscaloosa Attractions Map

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