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Family Fishing Fun!

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Recreational fishing is not only big business – one of the largest recreational activities in the world! - it’s also a true rite of passage.


No one forgets catching their first fish and for a huge quantity of kids it spawns an interest that lasts a lifetime.  It's also a great way of getting out and seeing some incredible natural landscapes to get the kids away from the TV and computer games and spend some quality family time together in nature. Many great family days out have revolved around a great fishing experience and getting involved doesn't need to be expensive or complicated.

There are a wide range of kids’ starter kits which are fairly inexpensive and widely available from sporting goods stores - and of course online: the benefit to buying one life is that they can ask the questions you haven’t thought of and advise you on what’s best suited for the age range, etc. However, if you can’t face basic instruction from the store staff it’s a simple matter to pick up the very basics online by putting your state into the search engines and narrowing down the type of fishing you’re aiming at to pick up tips, location options and key regulations. When you’re ready to take it a bit more seriously, The International Game Fish Association is the foremost authority on angling particularly in terms of record-keeping and conservation work.

They offer a great many resources and operate a global network of approved Captains and guides for formal trips. Their Junior Angling support program is available online with no regional restrictions and without registration and offers all manner of informed advice from the basics like how to make a float at home through to the up-to-date angling release regulations and permit data. They welcome submissions for records and have an international table of junior angler achievement holders and contest winners, which it’s quite the honor to get on. At their physical headquarters in Florida, as well as the comprehensive museum they also offer week-long Kids’ Camp Adventures for 7 to 13 years old where the kids learn about a huge number of fishing techniques, issues of conservation and get a handle on marine biology.

Field trips during the camp can include pier fishing, alligator encounters, and drift boats rides. Wherever you’re fishing, as the junior angler grows and develops, the range of techniques employed will also develop, meaning a progression of location is needed to keep challenging their skills, so you’ll find our huge collections of national parks and outdoor areas a key resource for locating fishing spots that match their abilities and optimism – and with a bit of luck provide some additional entertainment too with a day out your kids won't forget for a long time to come!

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