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    This museum advertises the presence of “Leonardo,” a really well preserved hadrosaur found in the area and which has caused quite a recent stir in the scientific community. However, be aware the “Leonardo” display the Malta museum has is a cast, not the actual fossil – which right now is part of a traveling exhibit in Houston. (Neither the Houston Museum of Science website or that for the Great Plains Museum had updated information on this fact as of earlier this week.) I had come a long way – 1700 or so miles – to see that particular fossil, so it was a disappointment to find it not on view. However, there’s still quite a bit of neat stuff to see here, including another extraordinarily well preserved hadrosaur here and still another at the Blaine County museum next door. There are also a variety of smaller dino parts on view and a nearly complete neck and head of a sauropod dinosaur as yet unnamed. When you visit, absolutely do not miss the bird walk out behind the Blaine County museum near the Milk River – I was on it literally two minutes before I saw two varieties of warbler species I’d never seen. It’s just beautiful. There’s also a nice display of Native American and early settler memorabilia at the Blaine County site.The staff of these museums is really friendly and it’s honestly not their fault the big attention draw, ‘Leonardo,’ isn’t here, but I do think the advertising for the museum should mention the critter they have on display is a plastic recreation, not the real deal. I understand through a conversation with one of the staff that there are really no plans to get back the original fossil itself any time soon.