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Family Camping Tips!

Family Camping Tips!
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It’s SUMMER time….which means that it’s the perfect time to get out in the great outdoors and go camping!


There are certainly a few types of camping you can do, and the USA really is one of the best places in the world to camp.  RVs are one of the most popular types of camping families do - after all - it’s so convenient and there are thousands of RV campgrounds to choose from. But if you have a family, is it possible to camp that old-fashioned way in a tent? Whether you are wild camping or pitching your tent in the RV park, the answer is YES! Camping can be incredible with kids if you have a few things worked out before you go, and lucky for you, we are Family Days out LOVE camping with kids, so here are just some tips from us to you, to make your family camping experience unforgettable.

1. Be Prepared!

Sure, you can’t predict some elements of the trip, but the more prepared you are the better. Make sure you have everything sorted at your home so you don’t worry about anything (pets covered, bills paid in advance, light timers on) so you can rest easy

2. Bring walkie-talkies! 

Most campsites won’t have the best reception for calls, and you will want to give your kids an easy way to get in contact if they need it. Walkie Talkies will work when there isn’t any signal and often have a good pick-up range. Let the kids have one, and the parents have the other, and then you just sit back and relax!

3. Find a campsite with a good secure play area

If you have younger kids, there is nothing worse than having them want to use their energy with nowhere safe to do it. It’s best to set up camp in an established campsite, especially if it has a good, secure play area. Then, you can just sit back and relax, with your child still in view, and all have a great time!

4. Have clear rules

If you have older kids, they will want to wander off and explore.  Make sure you have clear rules on where they can and can’t go, and what their role is in supervising the younger kids, if any. Make sure you have a time they have to keep reporting back to you by too.

5. Pack plenty of “All-weather” activities!

You may have checked the forecast, but that sometimes doesn’t mean anything! If you make sure you have activities for all types of weather, you won’t be left short when that sudden rainstorm comes in.  Maybe even have the kids make up fun games too!

6. Go with another family! 

Family camping can be so much more fun with another family in tow! The kids can all have a great time together, and it can just add that extra element of fun (and if you forget something, chances are they have brought it!)

7. Take plenty of healthy snacks and water!

Kids are going to be running around a lot, so they need to stay hydrated (even if the weather isn't warm).  Make sure you take plenty of healthy snacks too. They will need it! So there are camping tips for you to have a great family camping adventure this summer!

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