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National Parks / Natural World in Maryland

Maryland is an amazing state for kids! There are so many amazing things to do for the whole family. A beautiful coastline to explore with waterfront towns. Don't forget about those delicious Maryland crab cakes! There is a rich history with battlefields that kids can actually visit, fun museums to explore, indoor play centers to bounce away in, and a beautiful outdoors to enjoy! There are even animals attractions for the whole family. Amazing kids fun!

Maryland is known for a lot of great things - the railroad, those delicious crab cakes, it's Maritime history - but did you know that Maryland is also an amazing state to explore nature in? There are some pretty incredible outdoor adventures ready for you - so let's get going and check them out!

For those families who love to get those walking shoes on, get ready because there are teems of trails and parks waiting to be explored. From the urban oasis of Constitution park, to the hiking opportunities in Fort Frederick State Park - you'll also find fishing and boating on the cards too!

If you want the kids to learn on their adventure, check out places such as Bear Branch Nature Center, where exploring is a constant learning experience too.

Nature can also be incorporated into a history lesson too, with the many battlefields across the state, as well as historic forts - including Fort McHenry.

Turn those phones and TVs off, it's time to head out and see what Maryland has to offer (and here's a hint - it's pretty amazing!)


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