Pioneer Park

Fairbanks, AK

Where are we going?

Pioneer Park
2300 Airport Way


What is there to do?

Sometimes you get a park that is SO much more than a park, it's hard to believe it isn't it's own city! Pioneer Park in Alaska, is the ONLY historic theme park in the state. That's pretty cool!

This 44 acre park is also FILLED with incredible activities and attractions, that you won't be calling it just a "park" by the end of your day out!

Let's start with the arts! Over summer, there are Gazebo Nights where you can enjoy FREE musical concerts. There are also art galleries for you to explore.

There is a carousel, a dance hall, a stampede show, and even a Crooked Creek Railroad where you can take a trip on a choo choo train through the park. We love that!

Fancy some learning? Why not check out the host of museums that are found within Pioneer Park. There is an Alaska Native Museum where kids can learn all about the history of the state and it's people, and there is an Air Museum where all things flight can be explored! There is a railroad museum, and a pioneer museum, among the list.

Maybe it's time for some shopping? Just check out the host of shops, including arts, baby stories, photography stories, and even ATV tours that can take you around the area!

Now THAT is so much more than a park!

It's one of the most popular parks in Fairbanks, and when you visit you will see why - Pioneer Park is so far beyond a park it should have it's own zip code!

So what are you waiting for - let's get ready to PLAY!

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free, but some activities with a charge

Children: Same as adult


When can we go?

Open 5am - 12am, daily

7 days a week, year round.


Any top tips?

Some of the attractions are seasonal, so check ahead on the website for the opening times and dates, as they differ to the ones listed - they are for the park itself. Most attractions are 12pm - 8pm in summer.

I’m Hungry!

There are PLENTY of restaurants to enjoy within the park! There is ice cream souvlaki, seafood, and other fun foods for enjoy!

Healthy Eating

There are healthy options across the park's restaurants, or you can bring your own picnic! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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