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National Parks / Natural World in Las Vegas, NV

Vegas might be full of wonder, but it's the natural kind that you can still explore on your family day out to this vibrant Nevada town.

Just outside Vegas itself, you can't help but notice the landscape change! It's not all desert though, and there are great areas to really enjoy the great outdoors not far from the famous strip.

Did you know that Floyd Lamb State Park is a small series of lakes? An oasis in the heart of the Mojave Desert, where you can fish, play sports, and enjoy the sun!

Let's not forget about Spring Mountain Ranch State Park within the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where native Indian tribes used to thrive in.

Those who love the water just head to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, where boating, fishing and swimming is a must!

Vegas is filled with adventures, but this time you just need your hiking shoes!

Las Vegas Attractions Map

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