National Parks / Natural World Near Me in Detroit, MI

Detroit may have an image as an industrial city, it’s actually an incredibly fun and surprisingly green place with a ton of fun places to go with kids.

Another surprise about Detroit is how many free activities there are!  Every family can (and should!) enjoy this great city. 

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is full of the weird and wonderful (and is free!), the Detroit Historical Museum is a fascinating insight into the city itself (and the third Sunday of every month, it’s free!), and …now don’t get excited…the Sanders Candy Factory Tour, is - you guessed it - totally free!

The city is also teeming with great museums, like the Museum of Natural History, Motown Historical Museum and Museum Of Contemporary Art. 

There are great areas just for those little ones like Extreme Fun, and of course water fun, like Red Oaks Waterpark. So many fun places to visit!

Did you know that Detroit was the first city in America to pave a concrete road?

See, this amazing Michigan city will always surprise you!


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