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The Mob Museum Doesn't Disappoint in Las Vegas

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The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas does not disappoint. Family Days Out recently visited, so read all about our experience!

The mafia is BACK in Las Vegas (but not how you think!). It's no secret that the mafia had an incredibly influential role in the history of Las Vegas, and now at The Mob Museum you can uncover the secrets - in Las Vegas and beyond!

The Mob Museum is three levels (and an underground Speakeasy!) of really well put together, informative and fascainting exhibits with interactive displays, videos, photos, and artifacts that tell the story of the the many facets or organized crime and law enforcement, including Prohibition, their birth, their demise, and influence in pop culture - to name a few.

Starting on the third floor, the Birth of the Mob exhibit really sets the scene (you can even have your photo taken at a line up!), and you can learn how what started as criminal activity really became "organised" to the point that the big players at the top started to emerge - from Al Capone, to Lucky Luciano, and Bugsy Siegel. 

Here on the third floor you also learn that with Vegas - whilst a railroad builder named William Clark founded the city - the mafia shaped it.  Prohibition is explained, with exhibits on why it started and how it was avoided, and you can even see the real life Valentines Day Massacre wall. Yes - the actual wall complete with bullet holes! It was painstakingly moved and rebuilt brick by brick, and you can go right up to it!

Moving to the second floor, you can sit in the real life court room where actual proceedings took place, with a great 9 or so minute video and audio experience to tell the story of what happened during the trials - some that happend in the very room you will sit in, including details on the Kefauver hearings.  More of the history of Vegas and the act of "skimming" is explained (if you watch the movie "Casino" you will know all about it there!), and how Vegas got "clean".

Have you seen how someone on death row might meet their end? You can at the Mob Museum!

The first floor is all about the demise of the mafia. There's a wall of "fame" with 100 of the most infamous made men across the past 100 years, as well as the history of how the mafia were taken down. 

Word of warning: there is an area where a sign advising graphic content, offering you a route around such a room, however some photos prior to that could be deemed graphic so this is definitely a museum for the older kids.

Parents, they have you covered too because on the lower floor there is an actual Speakasy where you can grab a drink after the tour (opening time is later than the rest of the museum time).

If you pick up the deluxe or premiere tickets, these give you more experience such as interactive experiences, firearms training simulation and distillery tour!

Don't miss a trip to the gift shop too - there are some great souvenier items as well as books, movies and more!

A definite visit when in downtown Las Vegas! We thoroughly enjoyed it, and it's definitely value for money. 

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