Theme Parks Near Me in Montreal, QC

Children just LOVE Montreal, and that’s just as well - because Montreal just LOVES kids! 

This beautiful city found in Quebec is a city that seems to have everything. Kids can play in snow, play in the rivers or explore the cobbled streets of the old city where history still lives in the stones and walls.

You can also experience the amazing architecture as part of it’s history. St. Patricks Basilica and Notre Dam Basilica are just some examples of the fascinating designs.

This family-friendly city also has plenty of space for kids to run around and play - from Mount Royal Park to the Montreal Botanical Garden - perfect for a break from the vibrant city streets!

Thrill rides? You bet! Head to La Ronda where there are rides for the whole family (and the very brave…)  Speaking of brave - did we mention this fascinating city still has some visitors from centuries before? Yep - ghosts! Take a tour with attractions like Fantomes Montreal Ghosts and see who the bravest of the family is!

But don’t worry, it shows this great family destination is so much fun - no-one ever wants to leave! Boo!


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