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    i was an ITC (instructor in training Candidate) and i have to say that Horse Power is very unprofessional on how they run their program. They are very nice to the riders and visitors but as an ITC i have to say that being their for three months under Terri was a living hell. About half way though the program she starts getting all worried that we are not going to get all of our hours in and starts putting pressure on everyone and making the rest of the 3 months horrible and stressful. I heard she gets like this with every class. If i could do it over i would not go to Horse Power to get certified. i have been with several other farms and i have had a much better experience at these places than i did at Horse Power. Terri can be very rude and emotionally demeaning. Their barn staff is very rude and think that they are much better than you. I think out of my whole experience their i met maybe a few people who were not rude. The amount of money you have to pay to stay on their farm is very high seeing how you have to pay for your own food, a place to stay, to pay to do the program, your paying almost just as much to stay their as you do to take the program! I would not suggest anyone who is looking for certification for NARHA/PATH to go to Horse Power but to another place such as High Hopes which is doe in CT or another place near you. Hoping to save other people from this horrible, stressful experience.- unknown